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Pilot Plant: new CHIMERA Video

A new video has been made to celebrate LIFE CHIMERA project and illustrate the Pilot Plant in working conditions. The video describes each step of the process, explaining the new technology developed by 3P Engineering and based on two patents: from the introduction of chicken manure into the hopper, to transport to the dryer, up to the sequences in the combustion chamber, which is the heart of technological innovation. The video shows how chicken manure and air enter the combustion chamber and come out as hot fumes and ashes, to create then, during the further passages, thermal energy and through an ORC, electric energy. The last step is represented by the creation of fertilizer which is collected in special tanks. The video made by the video maker Daniele Balboni for Route9Production, has been previewed at the event organized by 3P Engineering for #LIFEis30 at the Presentation Conference "Innovation and circular economy for the poultry sector. The LIFE CHIMERA European project to enhance poultry manure in a perspective of resilience and sustainability", which took place at the Abbadia di Fiastra on May 27, 2022. Look at the new CHIMERA video


A reportage has been dedicated to the LIFE CHIMERA European project by the magazine ZOOTECNICA INTERNATIONAL, a reference point for professionals and operators in the poultry sector (breeders, egg producers, etc.) for over 50 years. The magazine which is published in three languages ​​(English, Russian and Italian), offers an overview of all international markets, providing information on poultry management strategies, trends and practices, with a wide range of topics relevant to all different sectors of poultry industry, in particular genetics, incubation, management, nutrition, veterinary, processing and marketing in different geographical areas of the world. "LIFE CHIMERA the enhancement of manure as it is to produce quality fertilizer on site" is the title of the article dedicated by ZOOTECNICA INTERNATIONAL to the European project (pages 10-13) in which the new circular economy model for the poultry market is analyzed. Thanks to an innovative technology based on two patents, it promotes the transition to smart agriculture. Find out more

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