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December 16, 2020


On Wednesday 16 December 2020, the annual meeting of “CHIMERA – CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation” project took place in 3P Engineering with the Monitor Carlo Ponzio, appointed by the European Commission to follow the various phases of the development of the LIFE15 ENV project. In addition to the financial part, the technical aspects relating to the status of the project were assessed, with an update of the various activities carried out in 2020 and the revision of the timeplan.

In videoconference, the partners of CHIMERA, Mark and Jack Renders, also took part in the meeting: after sharing the design developments of 3P Engineering regarding the pilot plant that will be installed at the Renders & Renders poultry farm in the Netherlands, the theme of “AFTERLIFE” (i.e., the continuation of CHIMERA after the end of the LIFE project) was also addressed for a fruitful comparison on future choices related to the results that will derive from the project.