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August 4, 2022


A television report has been dedicated to the LIFE CHIMERA project by TG1, the most popular Italian news program, leader of the audience among the newscasts. The report, signed by the journalist Alfredo Ranavolo, has been broadcasted on 4 August 2022 and describes the new “made in Italy” technology developed by 3P Engineering. “Innovation and circular economy for the poultry sector, an Italian project to increase the production of fertilizer, thermal energy and electricity in a sustainable way”: this is how CHIMERA has been presented, recalling that the project was made possible thanks to the European LIFE program. During the reportage, the operation of the plant is described: after loading, the chicken manure is transported in a state of drying which then goes to the stage of heat treatment and the treatment of fumes, up to the final result, a fertilizer. Also highlighted how the aim of the new technology is to make the farm energetically autonomous with the production of thermal and electrical energy. Watch CHIMERA on TG 1