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If you are one of the members of the External Users Advisory Board, access and/or register to our private area and you will find all documents related to CHIMERA project. Below, you can find documents of public domain to download.


Access to CHIMERA’s reserved area


Register to CHIMERA’s reserved area

Communication material - Materiale pubblicitario

Date Document File
18/02/2019Leaflet it Download Now
29/05/2018Leaflet Download Now
29/05/2018Rollup Download Now
29/05/2018Notice board new 3P logo Download Now
29/05/2018Poster Download Now
20/12/2016Notice Board Download Now

Press Coverage - Rassegna Stampa

Date Document File
05/06/2018Networking Event – May 17, 2018 Download Now


Date Document File
16/05/2019Newsletter n. 5 – May 2019 Download Now
16/05/2019Newsletter n. 5 – Maggio 2019 Download Now
17/04/2019Newsletter n. 4 – December 2018 Download Now
17/04/2019Newsletter n. 3 – October 2018 Download Now
17/04/2019Newsletter n. 2 – July 2018 Download Now
17/04/2019Newsletter n. 1 – May 2018 Download Now