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November 24, 2022


On 23 November 2022, the LIFE CHIMERA Final Event was held with a complete program of interventions on the poultry scenario, from the situation of the livestock sector with particular reference to poultry farming by UNAITALIA (the trade association that protects and promotes the Italian agri-food chains of meat and eggs) to a focus on the theme of fertilizers thanks to FCN Fertilizer Consultants Network, with an in-depth analysis of the reference regulatory framework, up to the Networking session with the LIFE AGRESTIC project. During the LIFE CHIMERA Final Event, the various stages of the LIFE project were retraced up to the results achieved and at the end, a speech by Pasquale Di Rubbo, Policy Analyst, European Commission, DG Agri, Unit A1 Policy Perspectives, who underlined how “The CHIMERA-LIFE project is an excellent example of how research and innovation, funded by the European Union, can transform a problem – in this case the disposal of chicken manure – into a development opportunity, i.e. a more sustainable fertilizer , also producing energy in a circular economy perspective. In many other cases, good practices already exist, they just need to be shared and supported more on the ground, in the interests of the agricultural world and of the entire European Union“. Finally, during the webinar, a Survey was proposed involving the public through a series of questions whose results were presented live, relating to the theme of chicken manure and its management, to identify matches and how the characteristics of CHIMERA can meet expectations and needs of operators in the poultry world. Discover the SPECIAL on the LIFE CHIMERA Final Event.