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September 15, 2022


A new SURVEY has been created as part of the LIFE CHIMERA project for the analysis of the socio-economic impact and feedback from the market, with particular reference to some categories of stakeholders: poultry farms, universities, research institutions, agronomists, veterinarians, environmental consultants. Through quick questions, the survey aims to investigate what are the most frequent problems related to chicken manure and its management today, not only at the environmental level, but also considering its social and bureaucratic impact. Furthermore, for each category, a series of ad hoc questions are proposed in order to collect specific information and understand how CHIMERA can represent a concrete answer in the marke, in particular for Breeders, both when chicken manure does not constitute a problem but it can become a resource, transforming it into fertilizer and energy, or when it represents a cost in terms of management. All data are collected anonymously and are used exclusively for statistical purposes: contact us to participate.