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July 8, 2022


On July 8, 2022 the seventh monitoring visit for LIFE CHIMERA took place in the Netherlands, at the Renders & Renders poultry farm, with the CINEA Project Officer Ing. Mario Lionetti and the Monitor Dr Carlo Ponzio. The pilot plant is in the Noord-Brabant region, in the Netherlands, to work in a continuous cycle: here it is going to produce fertilizer, thermal and electrical energy for the farm of the Renders brothers, 3P Engineering’s partner in the European LIFE project. During the meeting with the EU Officer and Monitor, all the aspects of the LIFE project were presented by the CHIMERA team, starting with an analysis of the progress of the various Tasks and Milestones up to the “policy implications”, the sustainability aspects and the “close to market” perspective. A in depth focus has been dedicated on the technical session for to the plant designed and built by 3P Engineering, based on a new technology (two patents) to create a circular economy model. The visit was also the opportunity to present the #LIFEis30 event dedicated to the 30° anniversary of the European LIFE program that 3P Engineering organized on 27 May 2022 in Italy to preview the Chimera Pilot Plant. Find out more