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November 15, 2022


The test cycles on the CHIMERA pilot plant continue, from the tests relating to the setup of the sensors to the analyzes on the chicken manure and the product made, up to the energy balance. The CHIMERA team at the Renders & Renders poultry company partner of 3P Engineering in the European project, is conducting new tests in the Netherlands to optimize the functionality of the pilot plant: in the photo, Rosalino Usci, Dissemination & Networking Manager of CHIMERA with Mark Renders, owner together with his brother Jack, of the Dutch poultry company. At the end of the test cycle, particular attention was paid to the combustor which is inspected to check the grain size and distribution of the ash on the grate. Furthermore, the analyzes on the output of the plant continue, in relation to the fertilizer with regard to the composition and in view of its classification. The pilot plant will continue to work in a continuous cycle even after the end of the European project on 31 December 2022, during the After-LIFE period, so that the technological innovation that characterizes CHIMERA can become a new solution for the poultry market, under the banner of sustainability.