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October 20, 2021


The assembly of the CHIMERA PILOT PLANT is proceeding, following the completion of the system design studies relating to the main components: the loading system, the combustor unit, the heat sink, the smokes treatment, the software system and remote control. The pilot plant is pre-assembled in Italy in 3P Engineering (Coordinating Beneficiary of LIFE CHIMERA GA n.LIFE15 ENV / IT / 000631) and then, in a farm in the Marche region, before being installed in 2022, at Renders & Renders (Associated Beneficiary of the LIFE project), in the Netherlands. In the Noord-Brabant region, the PILOT PLANT will operate in a continuous cycle for one year, treating 1500 tons of chicken manure, after tests carried out on two prototypes installed at Fileni (broiler) and Lorenzetti (laying hens). Furthermore, the study of the combustor (two patents of 3P Engineering), the heart of the innovation of the system, is being concluded. The unit consists of a combustion chamber, an air intake section, an ash discharge system and a transport circuit. The combustion chamber has been designed to improve the quality of combustion by varying the width-to-height ratio, and by introducing a circular base section, thus obtaining a more homogeneous and efficient combustion process.