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September 5, 2022


Discovering all the advantages of the new technology LIFE CHIMERA developed by 3P Engineering thanks to the Training Sessions and visits to the pilot plant by contacting the CHIMERA team at

The Pilot Plant is located currently in the Netherlands in the Noord-Brabant region at the Renders & Renders broiler poultry farm. The new CHIMERA technology has already been tested both in broiler farms and in laying hen farms: if a minimum amount of storage must be managed in broiler farms as the production of chicken manure is discontinuous, in laying hen farms, where the production of chicken manure is continuous, the management is immediate thanks to a conveyor belt that brings the poultry manure into the plant, using the manure “as it is”. In both cases it is possible to see the various advantages that CHIMERA allows to obtain, favouring the independence of the farmer from treatment centers and autonomy from external sources of supply of raw materials, up to greater resilience to market fluctuations. Find out more