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May 31, 2021


The LIFE CHIMERA project participates in the third edition of the Italian competition dedicated to the best performer companies of the circular economy. The competition aims to bring out and enhance the companies that have best been able to grasp the spirit and business opportunities offered by the circular economic model for the different phases of the production cycle (e.g. design, production, distribution, recovery, recycling). CHIMERA achieves circular economy objectives thanks to the innovative process of disposal and enhancement of chicken manure, which is carried out through an innovative plant that transforms it into fertilizer, and electrical and thermal energy for the poultry farm.

The evaluation process of the competition is coordinated by the Technical Scientific Committee of the project, which includes experts from academic, business and institutional backgrounds. At the end, the “Best performers of the circular economy” will be identified and awarded, choosing those companies that, in the last three years (2018 -2020) have undertaken actions aimed at developing a business model or activating / updating the production process, with a view to transitioning towards “circular” logics.

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