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April 5, 2021


The “LIFE AGRESTIC – Reduction of Agricultural GReenhouse gases EmiSsions Through Innovative Cropping systems” project, is part of the broader climate change mitigation objective of the LIFE Program for the Environment and Climate Change 2014-2020 (funded by the EU ), The aim of the project is to promote the adoption of innovative and efficient cultivation systems, with a high potential for mitigating climate change, and contribute to the dissemination of innovative visions and tools for a more efficient and climate-conscious agriculture. “LIFE AGRESTIC” wants to promote the adoption by European farmers of innovative and efficient cultivation systems, based on the use of legumes and catch crops capable of mitigating the effects of climate change. LIFE AGRESTIC takes place in Italy (Emilia – Romagna, Tuscany and Puglia) and focuses on the inclusion of legumes and catch crops in the rotation of cereals and industrial crops (tomato and sunflower), to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase sequestration of carbon and the availability of organic nitrogen. It will also develop an innovative decision support tool (DSS) for efficient management of the entire crop system (multi-year rotations of different crops), rationalizing the use of external inputs (nitrogen fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) and non-renewable resources. (soil and fuels) and increasing / maintaining yields, quality and product safety. Find out more