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December 5, 2018

CHIMERA @Confindustria

Last November 30, 3P Engineering has been invited by Confindustria Marche to present CHIMERA project at the workshop on “Management and Companies in the Circular Economy” in Ancona.

The objective of the workshop has been to present, on one hand, new business models that guide companies towards sustainability; on the other hand, policies at national and regional levels within this domain.

In the Marche Region, CHIMERA is without any doubt one of the most relevant projects in this field. Loredana Taddei, Project Manager, presented the work done on the prototypes to run the first tests, with specific reference towards the results of the production of N-P-K fertiliser to be used for the cultivation of cereals composing the feed in poultry farms.

Other two companies of the Marche Region talked about their experience, Delta Srl and Eco Pets Italia Srl. The first one produces sinks from recycled materials, while the second eco-litters for cats from wood and maize waste.

CHIMERA fits fully into the new circular economy policies and this is a good incentive for its future commercialization.