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November 16, 2021


CHIMERA’s Networking activities continue with the European Soil4Life project involving Italian, French and Croatian partners, with the aim of promoting sustainable land use as a strategic, limited and non-renewable resource. A purpose in line with the commitment signed by European countries at the United Nations table, through adherence to the global sustainability goals (Sustainable Development Goals – SDG). As part of the programmatic action B3 “Awareness campaign for farmers” by Soil4Life, CIA – Agricoltori Italiani (one of the largest agricultural organizations in Europe with about 900 thousand members, of which 300 thousand are technicians and agricultural entrepreneurs) has created the digital portal “Cia for the soil” dedicated to all operators in the agricultural world who want to investigate issues related to a better and correct management of the soil through Guidelines drawn up by the project experts, starting from those of the FAO, thus obtaining the recognition to become “Fiend and Guardian of the Earth”. Find out more