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November 3, 2021


CHIMERA (GA n. LIFE15 ENV / IT / 000631) and Soil4Life (LIFE GIE / IT / 000477) organized a networking presentation, aimed at comparing mutual approaches and identifying possible synergies between the two projects. The video event on 3 November 2021, allowed a comparison between the CHIMERA team and the representatives of Legambiente, CIA and CREA, with a focus on complementary issues, such as the promotion of sustainable land use and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The approach of the two projects is different: CHIMERA proposes a plant as a new model of a waste by-product (chicken manure is potentially harmful to the soil); Soil4Life is a governance project that pursues adherence to the global sustainability goals (Sustainable Development Goals – SDG). Interesting ideas of possible synergies between the two projects emerged from the online meeting, which intend to contribute to the recovery of the organic matrix in the soils. Find out more