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March 8, 2022


The presentation meeting of LIFE CHIMERA project at LEGAMBIENTE AGRICOLTURA took place on 8 March 2022. Research and innovation are the cornerstones of the actions implemented by LEGAMBIENTE to make the agriculture increasingly sustainable, reducing imbalances in terms of the use of chemicals, the water cycle, energy consumption and promoting use of biodegradable and recyclable materials. LIFE CHIMERA has been developed with the same philosophy, whose innovative technology based on two patents, is the result of the research of the engineering company 3P Engineering, coordinating beneficiary of the European project CHIMERA. During the video meeting presentation at LEGAMBIENTE AGRICOLTURA, some benefits have been highlighted linked to the new technology. First of all, it is based on a circular economy process, and from an agronomic point of view, the final product exploits the positive properties of chicken manure rich in nutrients, but also of ammonia (NH3), dinitrogen (N2), nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrate (NO3). Furthermore, the possibility of eliminating the storage phases with consequent benefits for laying hens farmers in terms of management and costs, for example, for storage tanks. Also interesting for is the possibility offered by CHIMERA to re-use the water that is produced during drying of chicken manure and then used in the operation of the machinery, without wasting precious resources, as well as the possibility of remote management of the plant, thanks to a special software.