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September 30, 2022


Read the new CHIMERA Newsletter with all the news related to the European project of the LIFE program. In each issue it is possible to find the quarterly updates and the main activities carried out by the CHIMERA team, from the progress of the design to the activities of socio-economic impact, from Dissemination to Networking. All LIFE CHIMERA Newsletters are available on the website both in Italian and in English, by clicking here.

In the new issue of September 2022, it is possible to find an overview of the main events of the last three months, from the Pilot Plant that went into operation in the Netherlands, to the seventh monitoring visit with the CINEA Project Officer and the Monitor at the partner of the European project Renders & Renders, from the new articles dedicated to CHIMERA up to the TG 1 service dedicated to the LIFE project and the technology developed by 3P Engineering.

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