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August 31, 2021


New members have joined the EUAB-External User Advisory Board of CHIMERA: since the beginning of 2021, the advisory committee made up of various stakeholders (institutions, research centers, breeders, plant producers) has enlarged thanks to the participation of new exponents from the academic world, the poultry sector and other European projects with which new networking activities have begun. All contributions both from a technological point of view and to meet market needs, are screened by the CHIMERA team, in order to contribute to the development of the LIFE project that aims to solve the management of manure in an innovative way, according to principles of circular economy. Those who join the EUAB are constantly updated on the progress of the project and are invited to participate in workshops, and compatibly with the pandemic situation, visits to prototypes and the pilot plant in the Netherlands. Feedback is essential to ensure that CHIMERA can have developments in other areas as well, transferring its concept to other management contexts of the organic waste / biomass cycle with replicability studies. Find out how to enter the EUAB of CHIMERA