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In Cremona with LIBERACR

Tre P Engineering meets the Free Association of Cremona’s Farmers (LIBERACR) to discuss about CHIMERA’s value chain. The meeting was food for thought. Giuseppe Umberti, agronomist at LIBERACR, informs us that previous experiences in the field of waste to energy failed because of the dimension of the plants, too big and too expansive for small
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Kick-off meeting in Brussels

On the 13th of October, Rosalino Usci, Tre P engineering CEO and CHIMERA project leader, has been invited to Brussels to the Kick off meeting of all LIFE projects financed in 2016. Over 100 projects have been approved all around Europe. The European Commission welcomed project coordinators and congratulated them on their success. During the
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Kick-off meeting

Today, Tre P engineering has signed a partnership agreement together with the Dutch farm Renders & Renders. Renders & Renders are two Dutch brothers, living and working in Eindhoven, where they operate a big chicken farm. Being very sensitive both to respect the environment and to avoid the huge costs for the current manure’s disposal
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What is it?

Today it has been the first internal communication workshop of Chimera project: the Tre P engineering staff sit around a table to agree upon the main message, the target audience, the first sketch of the storyboard for the info-graphic, to be published soon on the dedicated website. Team at work We started with Rosalino (CEO
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Life Programme

With the project CHIMERA (CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation), Tre P engineering has won a grant promoted by the EU in the LIFE program, dedicated to innovative ideas for the development and implementation of new environmental and climatic policies. European Commission – Life Programme Tre P Engineering is the coordinator of the project whose ambition
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