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September 14, 2016

What is it?

Today it has been the first internal communication workshop of Chimera project: the Tre P engineering staff sit around a table to agree upon the main message, the target audience, the first sketch of the storyboard for the info-graphic, to be published soon on the dedicated website.

Team at work

We started with Rosalino (CEO and project’s inventor) showing how the innovation is going to change the way we conceive a chicken farm, by using a tale from a well-known comics.
This approach made the concept clear and easy to understand even to a kid.
… “Life in the farm is sad, due to the smelly and dirty chicken manure everywhere. To make his wife happy again, the protagonist goes to Tre P engineering and gets a fantastic machine to convert “poo” into something clean and re-usable. Everybody approves it and they lived happily ever after.”
On the other hand, Michele (CEO and project’s inventor too) used a more technical approach, making a synthesis of the process, the equipment and the most important innovation to be achieved.

“Chimera is a brand new plant whose aim is to transform chicken manure into a resource, in 2 steps:
1) The manure is converted into ashes, while thermal and electric energy are produced
2) These ashes are transformed into a chemical-free fertilizer
After a few hours of individual and group activities, a payoff has been finally agreed:

CHIMERA: Treasure in Manure

That evokes:
1) Manure represents a resource: a treasure
2) The new fertilizer guarantees that manure turns back to the earth: treasuring nature