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April 11, 2022


LIFE CHIMERA was presented on 11 April 2022 to A.I.A. “Associazione Italiana Allevatori” Italian Breeders Association: Rosalino Usci, CHIMERA Dissemination Manager, and Michele Marcantoni, CHIMERA Project Manager, have illustrated the European project dedicated to the poultry sector to Prof. Riccardo Negrini, Technical Management in A.I.A. and lecturer at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore at the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, and to Dr. Camillo Mammarella for the Press Office of A.I.A. The Association, which has a technical-economic character, has been working for almost eighty years for the improvement and enhancement of the livestock raised and the products derived from it, and has the aim of promoting a series of both technical and managerial, economic, both scientific and informative for zootechnics, collaborating with the competent Ministry of Agriculture and Zootechnics with the other Ministries. As part of the videoconference meeting between CHIMERA and A.I.A., it has been also discussed the LEO Livestock Environment Opendata Project (National Rural Development Program 2014-2020 – PSRN), of which A.I.A. is the leader of the project. LEO aims to bring together all information relating to the livestock sector in a single digital database, to support and improve the quality of Italian livestock production while respecting animal welfare and the environment. This is the first initiative of this type in Europe that aims to provide accessible information to breeders, scholars, researchers, operators in the sector, professionals and anyone who wants to use them to encourage exchange and sharing, the transparency of the entire livestock supply chain and food safety.