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April 12, 2022


The LIFE CHIMERA project was presented during the conference “Energy transition and sustainability. Experiences and Perspectives “, on 12 April 2022 at the University of Camerino. The event has been coordinated by Francesco Nobili, Professor of the chemistry section of the School of Science and Technology. “We need to invest in research, to make sure that research can progress more and more in order to have a cleaner world as a result. We are not talking about an expense or a cost but an investment that will allow a return not only in the environment but also in economy”, underlined Prof. Nobili. The conference opened with the institutional greetings of the Rector of Unicam Claudio Pettinari, who underlined the importance of new energy resources and self-sufficiency. A series of presentations by companies and universities focused on energy and sustainability, two topics that are at the heart of CHIMERA: the new technology aims to enhance an animal by-product (chicken manure) to create a new model of sustainable management for a circular economy process by producing clean energy. As explained by Rosalino Usci, Dissemination Manager of CHIMERA during the presentation in Unicam, the heat generated during the transformation process can be used to produce thermal and electrical energy. In particular, the heat is useful for heating the farms and, through a co-generator, the thermal energy can be transformed into electricity for lighting and the operation of the machinery. In addition, the water obtained from the treatment of manure, which is a humid substance, is completely reused to hydrate the ashes and reduce the polluting emissions contained in the fumes.