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April 22, 2022


“Invest in our Future” is the slogan of the 52nd edition of the Earth Day celebrated all over the world. One of the main challenges is to reduce carbon dioxide and gas emissions. The 2011-2020 period has been the hottest decade on record, with an average global temperature of 1.1ºC above pre-industrial levels in 2019; human-induced global warming is currently increasing at a rate of 0.2ºC per decade. (Source: European Commission – Climate Action). In the agricultural sector, the focus is on sustainability, reducing waste and putting into action efficient supply chains based on circular economic processes. Like the model created by CHIMERA with the new technology developed as part of the European LIFE program: thanks to a small plant, it allows the chicken manure to be transformed into fertilizer as well as thermal and electrical energy. Only in Italy, where the new technoly was born developed by 3P Engineering, it is estimated that the agriculture sector accounts for about 7% of national greenhouse gas emissions, with a weight of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock farming equal to 79%, and that in particular the poultry sector contributes over 3%. (Source ISPRA 2020). CHIMERA can represent one of the solutions that through research and innovation are able to propose new models in the name of sustainability for the fight against climate change.