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October 25, 2022


“Energy, heat, fertilizer: enhancing poultry manure with a new eco-sustainable solution”: the Final Event to be held on 23 November 2022, relating to LIFE CHIMERA. The project will end in December 2022, after which the After-LIFE period will start. From the situation of the livestock sector with particular reference to poultry farming by UNAITALIA (the trade association that protects and promotes the Italian agri-food supply chains of meat and eggs) to the fertilization with organic products and the use of chicken manure, up to the Networking session with the LIFE AGRESTIC project, the event will offer a complete overview of both the poultry market and the new solution created with the LIFE CHIMERA project. At the end of the Final Event, a speech by Pasquale Di Rubbo, Policy Analyst, European Commission, DG Agri, Unit A1 Political Perspectives, recalling that the CHIMERA project has been possible thanks to LIFE, a programme for the environment and action for the climate, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year #LIFEis30 The webinar is valid as recognition of CFP-Professional Training Credits for students enrolled in the College of Agricultural Experts and Graduated Agricultural Experts, 1 CFP per hour and in the National College of Agrotechnicians and Graduated Agrotechnicians. Free participation: find out the details of the event and register now