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January 18, 2021


The online seminar on the project path in rural construction “The role of the agronomist” was held on Monday 18 January 2021, in which the project team “CHIMERA – CHIckens Manure participated remotely. Exploitation and RevAluation “, from the headquarters of 3P Engineering.

During the event the speaker agronomist Giambattista Merigo from Agriter (associated agronomists), highlighted various issues of community interest, from the importance of the environmental sustainability of farms to the main rules for farms, offering an overview of urban planning and landscape aspects. Particular focus on the treatment of farm effluents which can have positive effects on the territory and the environment, being a real opportunity to improve the sustainability of farms, with a reduction of CO2, odour and oil, in favour of more renewable energy and green fertilizer. So too, the challenge of CHIMERA project is to have a positive impact on the territory and the environment, revolutionizing the disposing process of chicken manure, and transforming the waste into a fertilizer and  thermal and electrical energy. Find out more