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February 16, 2021


Giorgio Mario Provolo is the new member in the External Users Advisory Board (EUAB) of “CHIMERA – CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation”: Professor of the University of Milan, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Territory, Agroenergy – he has joined the EUAB of CHIMERA. EUAB aims to involve stakeholders (institutions, research centers, breeders, plant producers, etc.), in order to participate in networking and disseminating activities for the potential of the technology generated. EUAB members receive information on the progress of the project, with the possibility of being involved in workshops, visits to prototypes and plants: feedback are very important for the development of CHIMERA and the possibility that the concept of the project can be transferred to other management contexts of the organic waste / biomass cycle, for the replicability of the results.

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