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March 1, 2021


Similar to LIFE CHIMERA, the LIFE POREM project (Project LIFE17 ENV / IT / 333), is focused on poultry manure, but it aims to provide a bioactivator based on this organic waste, for better soil management through bioremediation. Coordinated by ASTRA Innovation and Development – Agency for Technological Experimentation and Agri-environmental Research (with partners Gruppo Soldano Srl, CSIC – Centro De Edafologia Y Biologia Aplicada del Segura, ENEA, EPS biotechnology s.r.o., Micronadir SL) the project LIFE POREM intends to demonstrate the efficiency of applying innovative- and low-cost effective technologies for restoration of soils low organic matter soil, also in semiarid areas: an estimated 45% of European soils are potentially subjected to degradation, so new strategies for improving soils quality are necessary. It’s a new technique that goes beyond soil fertilization and soil amendment, looking for a tool for regenerating and boosting productivity. It is also addressed to soil microorganisms, with supply of enzymes that can help regeneration of degraded soils. In the meanwhile, this application can find a new collocation for poultry manure, very often produced in restricted areas, with difficulties for their correct disposal, as agroindustrial by-product. Find out more