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May 5, 2021


CHIMERA team participated in the webinar “Broiler genetics and nutrition: new approaches”, organized on May 5, 2021 by Zootecnica International, DSM and AVIAGEN. The event presented the objectives of the genetic selection of broilers and the new approaches to improve their health and production efficiency. As emerged during the seminar, the genetic evolution of the broiler (the common chicken raised to produce meat) requires a continuous adaptation of nutrition and breeding techniques; similarly, reducing the use of antimicrobials requires interventions capable of preserving the integrity and functionality of the digestive system. At a broiler poultry farm, Renders & Renders, partner of the LIFE project, the CHIMERA Pilot Plant will be installed and here it will remain in continuous operation for a year. The two CHIMERA prototypes realized during the LIFE project, have been installed both in a laying hen farm and in a broiler farm, highlighting significant differences in terms of chicken manure production times, and in the chemical compositions, density and humidity of the waste produced. Find out more